Tablespaces in oracle database | Tablespaces script

In this blog, I will explain the script of tablespace to check the utilization. Tablespace is the collection of datafiles. Oracle store the data physically in datafiles and store the data logically... Read more »

Oracle Tablespace assign to user

In this post I will be describe about how we can assign the oracle tablespace to user. While creating oracle user we need to assign the tablespace to user. there are two... Read more »

Temp Tablespace and UNDO Tablespace management

Check UNDO tablespace usage SELECT file_name, tablespace_name, bytes/1024/1024 UNDO_SIZE_MB, SUM (bytes/1024/1024) OVER() TOTAL_UNDO_SIZE_MB FROM dba_data_files d WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM v$parameter p WHERE LOWER (’undo_tablespace’ AND p.value=d.tablespace_name); Add datafile to undo... Read more »