Difference between var and val in spark- Interview question

Var keyword is just similar to variable declaration in Java whereas Val is little different. Once a variable is declared using Val the reference cannot be changed to point to another reference.... Read more »

Lazy Evaluation in Apache Spark

Lazy evaluation in Spark means that the execution will not start until an action is triggered. The Spark Lazy evaluation, users can divide into smaller operations. It reduces the number of passes... Read more »

Querying on CSV file using Spark SQL

Apache Spark SQL is a Spark module to simplify working with structured data using DataFrame and DataSet abstractions in Python, Java, and Scala. These abstractions are the distributed collection of data organized... Read more »

reduceByKey Spark

Basically reduceByKey function works only for RDDs which contains key and value pairs kind of elements(i.e RDDs having tuple or Map as a data element). It is a transformation operation which means... Read more »