Oracle Database certification path update 2019

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Oracle dba jobs will die in future due to autonomous database ?

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listener.ora and tnsnames.ora location in oracle 12c database

listener.ora and tnsnames.ora location in oracle 12c database

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How to Set ORACLE_HOME & ORACLE_SID on Windows Server

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How to check oracle database status – Interview question

let us find out the database health status by using following sql command. Check whether the Oracle Process run or not#> ps -ef | grep pmon If no pmon detected, your database... Read more »

Basic Unix Command for Oracle DBA

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How to change sys & System user password in Oracle 12C database

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Alert log file in Oracle

As you know alert log file location determined by the background dump destination it’s specified by backupground_dump_dest parameter You can find location of alert log with following command. SQL> show parameter background... Read more »

How to create user in oracle 12c ?- Interview question

In this bog, I will explain you how the user management work in oracle 12c. Starting from Oracle 12C there are two types of user. Common User Local User Common User Common... Read more »

How to put database in Archive/No-Archive log mode ?- Oracle Interview question

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