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How to put database in Archive/No-Archive log mode?- Oracle Interview question

In this blog I will show you the importance of archive and no-archive log mode. Mode of Logging There are two types of logging modes in Oracle database :- 1. ARCHIVELOG :-... Read more »

How to Set ORACLE_HOME & ORACLE_SID on Windows Server

We will be finding out the way to set oracle environment path for windows server. What is ORACLE_HOME used for? The ORACLE_HOME is an environment variable which is used to set and... Read more »

How to check oracle database status – Interview question

let us find out the database health status by using following sql command. Check whether the Oracle Process run or not#> ps -ef | grep pmon If no pmon detected, your database... Read more »

How to change sys & System user password in Oracle 12C database

We cannot change the sys and system password in usual way as like till 11g. we have different method to do same. following blog describe the way to change user password in... Read more »

Alert log file in Oracle

As you know alert log file location determined by the background dump destination it’s specified by backupground_dump_dest parameter You can find location of alert log with following command. SQL> show parameter background... Read more »

How to create user in oracle 12c ?- Interview question

In this bog, I will explain you how the user management work in oracle 12c. Starting from Oracle 12C there are two types of user. Common User Local User Common User Common... Read more »

Swichover in oracle Datagurd

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How to check oracle database status- Interview question

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How to change SYS/SYSTEM password in 12C-Oracle 12C Administration

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How to convert Physical Standby database to Snapshot Standby Database-DataGuard

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