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Oracle Databse Monitoring tool | OEM Introduction

Oracle enterprise manager (OEM) is monitoring tool for Oracle database server. Oracle enterprise manager monitor to Oracle database, Oracle database server, agent, listener and all the targets which are registered with the... Read more »

How To Open The PDBS Automatically When CDB Restarts | Save State of PDBS

In oracle 12c , when we startup the CDB, the PDBS will be in MOUNTED stage. We need to open them manually using alter pluggable PDB open. To make the PDBS open... Read more »

Basic Unix command for Oracle DBA

In this post , I have tried to add frequently used linux command by oracle dba. Just install the linux and then start practicing this command. 1) Finding the present working directory... Read more »

Drop datafile which is already removed Locally – ORA-01157,ORA-01110

I got the below issue while starting the database. Below issue occurred as I have deleted the datafiles from server level and not I am unable to start the datafile.SQL> startupORACLE instance... Read more »

Change Timezone in Oracle Database for CDB and PDB

In this blog, We are going to see how to change DBTime zone in multitenent database. Oracle recommends setting the database time zone to UTC (0:00), as no conversion of time zones... Read more »

Silent Oracle 12C Database Installation

Oracle 12C Database installationResponse file location/data/database/response/dbca.rsp/data/database/response/netca.rsp/data/app/oracle/product/ /tmp/dbca.rsp to install databasegdbName=prim2sid=primcreateAsContainerDatabase=truenumberOfPDBs=1pdbName=pdbprim2pdbAdminPassword=Oracle1234templateName=General_Purpose.dbcsysPassword=Oracle1234systemPassword=Oracle1234emConfiguration=DBEXPRESSemExpressPort=5500dbsnmpPassword=Oracle1234datafileDestination=/data/app/oracle/oradatarecoveryAreaDestination=/data/app/oracle/flash_recovery_areastorageType=FScharacterSet=AL32UTF8nationalCharacterSet=AL16UTF16listeners=LISTENERsampleSchema=truedatabaseType=OLTPautomaticMemoryManagement=TRUEmemoryPercentage=40./dbca -silent -createDatabase -responseFile /tmp/dbca.rsp Read more »

Change Protection Mode in Oracle 12C Dataguard

Primary SideSQL> select status,instance_name,database_role,protection_mode from v$database,v$instance; STATUS INSTANCE_NAME DATABASE_ROLE PROTECTION_MODE------ ------------- ------------- --------------------OPEN prim PRIMARY MAXIMUM PERFORMANCEStandby SideSQL> select status,instance_name,database_role,protection_mode from v$database,v$instance; STATUS INSTANCE_NAME DATABASE_ROLE PROTECTION_MODE------ ------------- ------------- --------------------OPEN stand STANDBY MAXIMUM... Read more »

Startup and Shutdown Container and Pluggable database

Startup Container database SQL> select name, open_mode, cdb from v$database; NAME OPEN_MODE CDB --------- -------------------- --- NONCDB12 READ WRITE NO <----- SQL> create user raj identified by raj default tablespace users temporary... Read more »

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I am going to show you top microsoft and linkedin free courses.Please watch below video and subscribe to my channel. Read more »

Oracle 12C User Management

In Oracle 12C , there are two types of user. Common user Local User COMMON USER: 1.A common user is a DB user, which work perform an activity in all the containers... Read more »

Oracle Database Real time Training on YouTube

If you are looking for real time database training then please contact me. Email – ankush.thavali@gmail.com Mob No – +91 9960262955 Read more »