Difference between var and val in spark- Interview question

Var keyword is just similar to variable declaration in Java whereas Val is little different. Once a variable is declared using Val the reference cannot be changed to point to another reference.... Read more »

Lazy Evaluation in Apache Spark

Lazy evaluation in Spark means that the execution will not start until an action is triggered. The Spark Lazy evaluation, users can divide into smaller operations. It reduces the number of passes... Read more »

Difference between Coalesce and Repartition- Hadoop Interview question

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How to create RDD in spark – Interview question

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Hive partition with example – Interview Question

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Sqoop import – Part 1- Hadoop series

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Read CSV and JSON file format in spark 2.0

Read CSV with spark 2.0 STEP 1. Open the spark-shell and fire the following command. scala> spark.read.format(“csv”).option(“header”,”true”).load(“F:/Hadoop Youtube/customer.csv”) STEP 2. Display the result with show command scala> .show +—–+——+———–+——-+———-+—-+——+ |empno| ename|designation|manager| hire_date|... Read more »

Default Number of mapper and reducer in SQOOP job

Updated: Dec 12, 2018 #hadoop #sqoop #defaultmapper #defaultreducer #hadoopinterviewquestion In this post we are going to focus the default number of mappers and reducers in the sqoop. scope is the part of Hadoop... Read more »

Big data and Hadoop difference

This article gives the difference between hadoop and big data. I personally found many students have confusion between hadoop and big data. Actually both are different entity. In one sentense I would... Read more »

Switch your career from Oracle DBA to Hadoop Bigdata

I have seen a many people those who want to switch their career from the Oracle DBA to the Hadoop but they are not sure how to start and from where to... Read more »