Oracle dba jobs will die in future due to autonomous database ?

Many dba’s have the question related to oracle dba career and opportunity of oracle dba in future and worried about whether oracle dba jobs will die in future. oracle dba is serious job and have lot responsibility as its directly affecting to production environment.In this blog we will see the future responsibilities of oracle dba job.

Oracle has introduced the oracle 18c databases which are calling it as self driving databases.

Its really easy to create cluster for oracle databases on cloud platform.

Oracle dba jobs in future

Why DBA jobs will be safe ?

  • New changes always comes with new problem and dba will be surely needed
  • Clients need to be ready to migrate there application to new generation databases. Old databases will be managed by dba only.
  • Repetitive work like backup,restoration,patching, upgradation can be automated but performance has to be handle by dba only.
  • Role of dba can be change in future but can not replace the jobs.

How to assure your job will be safe as DBA.

  • Keep learning new things.
  • Upgrade yourself with new upgraded databases.
  • Practice as much as possible
  • Learn new concept of oracle like RAC, dataguard, Exadata,Cloud databases.
  • Basic concept are really important. Check your basic and make it strong enough to handle new technology , work.

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