How to create user in oracle 12c ?- Interview question

In this bog, I will explain you how the user management work in oracle 12c.

Starting from Oracle 12C there are two types of user.

  1. Common User
  2. Local User

Common User

  • Common user have the access to all PDB except seed pdb
  • Common user start with C## prefix
  • SYS and SYSTEM are the common user created by oracle
  • If specifying the DEFAULT TABLESPACE, TEMPORARY TABLESPACE, QUOTA and PROFILE clauses as part of CREATE USER ,then you must ensure that those objects existing in all containers (PDB) below the CDB
  • User-created schema objects owned by COMMON USERS cannot be shared across PDB boundaries
  • Common user will be visible in container as well as pluggable database
  • It is not recommended to create objects under common user

Local User

  • Local user will be created under PDB database only
  • Local user will be visible to respective pdb and hide from another pdb
  • Don’t need prefix as C## for creating local user

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