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In this blog, I will explain the script of tablespace to check the utilization. Tablespace is the collection of datafiles. Oracle store the data physically in datafiles and store the data logically in tablespace.

Script for Tablespace current utilization

set linesize 1234 pages 1234
 col tablespace format a24
 col free heading 'Free(Mb)' format 99999999.9
 col total heading 'Total(Mb)' format 999999999.9
 col used heading 'Used(Mb)' format 99999999.9
 col pct_free heading 'Pct|Free' format 99999.9
 col largest heading 'Largest(Mb)' format 99999.9
 compute sum of total on report
 compute sum of free on report
 compute sum of used on report
 break on report
 select substr(a.tablespace_name,1,24) tablespace,
 round(sum(a.total1)/1024/1024, 1) Total,
 round(sum(a.total1)/1024/1024, 1)-round(sum(a.sum1)/1024/1024, 1) used,
 round(sum(a.sum1)/1024/1024, 1) free,
 round(sum(a.sum1)/1024/1024, 1)*100/round(sum(a.total1)/1024/1024, 1) pct_free,
 round(sum(a.maxb)/1024/1024, 1) largest,
 max(a.cnt) fragments
 (select tablespace_name, 0 total1, sum(bytes) sum1,
 max(bytes) MAXB,
 count(bytes) cnt
 from dba_free_space
 group by tablespace_name
 select tablespace_name, sum(bytes) total1, 0, 0, 0 from dba_data_files
 group by tablespace_name
 select tablespace_name, sum(bytes) total1, 0, 0, 0 from dba_temp_files
 group by tablespace_name) a
 group by a.tablespace_name

Script to check datafiles assigned to tablespace.

col file_name for a50;
select file_name,tablespace_name,bytes/1024/1024,status from dba_data_files where tablespace_name='&TABLESPACE_NAME';

Script to check tablespace utilization for specific tablespace.

select*from dba_tablespace_usage_metrics where tablespace_name='&TABLESPACE_NAME';

Script to add datafiles in tablespace.

alter tablespace PSAPB31 add datafile '/oracle/B31/sapdata18/b31_214/b31.data214.dbf' size 30720M;

Script to resize datafiles.

ALTER DATABASE datafile '/oracle/NXD/sapdata10/sr3db_3/sr3db.data3' resize 15000M;

Script to Create tablespace

CREATE TABLESPACE tbspdb DATAFILE '/data/oracle/app/oracle/oradata/cdb/tbs_perm_pdb.dat'   SIZE 10M ;

Script to check temp tablespace utilization

select file#, name, round(bytes/(1024*1024),2) "Temp file SIZE IN MB's" from v$tempfile;

Script to add tempfile space in temp tablespace.

alter tablespace TEMP add tempfile '/home/oracle/app/oracle/oradata/testdb/temp02.dbf' size 10M;

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