Oracle 18C database installation on Windows 10

Oracle 18c is autonomous database and which has been released after 12c oracle database.

Oracle 18c is a multi tenant database as like Oracle 12c database. Oracle 18c is based on the machine learning and due to this it has ability to learn the things according to the situation.

following are the features of Oracle 18c.

  1. It reduces the complexity of database
  2. It is highly relible and secure database
  3. It reduces the operational cost
  4. Self Driving database
  5. Self Tuning database
  6. Most efficient consumption of resources
  7. Less human intervention

In this blog we are going to see how to install the Oracle 18c database on the top of Windows 10. Prior to 18c we have to download to folder official site and we were extracting it in one folder. But in 18c we need to download only one folder and initial itself we need to define the DB home.

following video will give you clear explanation about installation of Oracle 18c on the top of Windows 10.

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