Oracle 12C Datapump- EXPDP-IMPDP

Datapump is the utility to take the logical backup of the oracle databases. Following can be take with the help of datapump. Tables Tablespaces Full Database Logical Backup Users Index Stats Metadata... Read more »
OEM cloud Control

Oracle Databse Monitoring tool | OEM Introduction

Oracle enterprise manager (OEM) is monitoring tool for Oracle database server. Oracle enterprise manager monitor to Oracle database, Oracle database server, agent, listener and all the targets which are registered with the... Read more »

Archive log Mode and No Archive Log Mode in Oracle 12C Database

In this blog we will see you how to put database in archive log mode and no archive log mode. Oracle database have two kind of log mode Archive log mode No... Read more »

Best Low budget Mic for YouTuber | Boya By M1 Omnidirectional

I still remember when I started my YouTube career, I used to get many comments from users about the mic. My followers were not happy with the mic performance. I started searching... Read more »